History of ISK

Just over a decade ago, a unique personal and professional partnership between John Insall and Norman Scott, created the Insall Scott Kelly Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in New York City. Dr. John N. Insall, world-renowned for his work in prosthetic knee design, Dr. W. Norman Scott, and Dr. Michael Kelly, formed the nucleus of what has become a significant link in the full spectrum of orthopaedic care.

With strong, shared convictions about patient care and the importance of adhering to a unified set of surgical protocols, the attending physicians of the ISK Institute are internationally recognized surgeons with expertise and special interest in arthritis of the knee, injuries to the knee, the shoulder, upper extremities, and cartilage. As colleagues at the ISK Institute, they have developed new techniques that allow for more accurate measurement and placement of prostheses based on a patient's unique anatomy.

When a growing number of patients began to seek the expert care offered by the ISK Institute, other specialists joined our full-service orthopaedic practice. Dr. Giles Scuderi and Dr. Fred Cushner first brought their competence for knee reconstruction and sports medicine. In 2000 Dr. Steven G. Silver, a specialist in shoulder and knee sports medicine joined ISK, followed by Dr. Timothy Reish in 2006, a specialist in sports, knee and shoulder surgery.

In the summer of 2006, the ISK Institute further strengthened the commitment to providing the highest quality orthopaedic care by inviting Dr. Michael Kang, Dr. Eric Keefer and Dr. Craig Radnay to join the team.  Their expertise in hip arthrosplasty, sports medicine, foot & ankle and trauma surgery enables ISK with the resources to provide a wide range of orthopaedic services. More recently, Dr. William Long has been welcomed to the Institute for his expertise in hip and knee arthroplasty.



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